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Separation Agreement- Scotland

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Doidontimmm Mon 30-Apr-18 16:54:08


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Doidontimmm Sun 29-Apr-18 21:24:22

Can anyone advise.

My exh moved out physically a year ago, we had been sharing a home though for a year prior as a separated couple as he refused to move out. When he moved out we had a separation agreement drawn up, signed & stamped by the court. I was told & everything I have read say this is legally binding.

It states in the agreement I would file for divorce after 1 year after the separation date. I emailed him to say I was doing so. He never replied properly so I just went ahead and paid the initial £250. Online service using same company as separation agreement). In the agreement he is supposed to pay half.

I have now heard from him stating he has seen a solicitor & he is not agreeing to divorce. The solicitor wants lots of financial information from me.

However as the agreement is legally binding why would he see a solicitor? Can he say no to divorce? Can he change anything in the agreement? Why does his Solicitor need my financial information?

I did the separation agreement thinking everything had been agreed.


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