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Childcare / communication issues

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Followmedown Sun 29-Apr-18 14:45:38

Pretty please?

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Followmedown Sun 29-Apr-18 11:52:28

Hi, I need some advice on current toxic situation I'm in and would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
Have been divorced several years, separated since 2012, have remarried last year.
About 6 months ago I blocked my ex-wife on my phone and left only email as communication (which is also on the phone but is less intrusive). She has recently decided this is unacceptable and is trying to force me to unblock her citing communication difficulties.
I blocked her because I would typically go through periods where (for example) she would be asking for money for a trip for the children and would constantly harass me to give it to her. I would receive upwards of 30-50 texts in a typical day during these periods, usually telling me how awful a parent I am. I look after the kids almost half the time, plus during most school holidays as I am a teacher. I also pay her maintenance. This constant contact from her was affecting my marriage and driving us mad (it wouldn't stop all day) so I blocked my ex wife.
Now she has recently blocked my email with the intention of forcing me to unblock her on the phone. She has started sending multiple messages to my mother and using eldest son as a go-between. The other day he texted me to ask me to unblock her so she would stop shouting at him.
Today, she was insisting that I look after my daughter (9) while the boys (12 and 14) stayed home and while she went to work. I either had missed the swap (the children are meant to be with her this weekend) or she didn't tell me. She got my son to call me then went out to work leaving them alone. Yesterday I also looked after my daughter to allow her to go to a conference. At the same time she often or usually refuses look after the children when I have an event (which has only happened once or twice in 6 years).
Sorry it's so long and thanks for reading if you got this far.
Essentially I don't know how to proceed - I feel like I'm being used and that she's using the children to force me to be open to her (abusive) communications.
Any help and advice gratefully received.

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