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Decree absolute before consent order why did I do that?!

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couchtospecialk Sun 29-Apr-18 07:05:58

Got my decree absolute yesterday. Mixed emotions... maybe I'm just now connecting with some anger. Also feel suddenly panicky - not sure why?

I've got the decree absolute without having made a consent order confused I have done the divorce myself with help from my awesome cousin who's a divorce lawyer who explained things but I think I just wanted to get it the hell finalised and now realise I've been a bit stupid. Having said that I was expecting a few weeks' delay but it came back within 4 days... Ex and I have come to an agreement on finances and I hope (think) this won't suddenly make him play hard ball. What should I do? Just get the consent order done asap?

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Xenia Sun 29-Apr-18 07:15:34

Yes, send him a draft based on what you think is fair (perhaps pay a solicitor an hour's time to draw it up if you are unsure) and then get him to agree it and hope a judge will approve it.

dontwanttobeheremaryjane Mon 30-Apr-18 15:20:30

I used divorceonline and paid £300 for consent order, they drafted what I told them, sent it to both of us to sign and then sent to court. Signed stamped and done and after my absolute as I just wanted to be divorced too!

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