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Building bridges

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octobersunshine Fri 27-Apr-18 21:06:18

My ex partner and I separated when DS was six months old. He's now close to two years. For a while, when ex didn't really want to know or want responsibility, our relationship was pretty decent.

Since he's decided he wants DS overnight and has made a court application after saying mediation has failed because I can't afford the one he chose, it's completely deteriorated. I had to cut off contact and arrange through my parents because his messages were so distressing and bullying.

This isn't what I'd hoped for and we had a completely workable, and even pleasant, relationship for a long time when it was on his terms. I want to get back to this, for my own mental health and for the benefit of my son. When I said this to ex he said he hates me and I was vile. I'm worried our relationship is completely beyond repair. I want to be able to get back to some level of constructive relationship but without giving in to everything he demands that isn't suitable for DS. Does anyone have any words or wisdom or positive stories about repairing relationships etc?

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