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Breach of consent order

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Jacjac99 Fri 27-Apr-18 15:13:32

My consent order stated I would receive a lump sum and then the transfer of deeds for the house (the ex is staying in the marital home). However he short changed me by £4k via his solicitors bank transfer. Initially he salted £8k away and now is claiming this was included in his savings and therefore trying to say it was part of the negotiations which is wasn't. Also together with the payment I was supposed to receive the deeds to sign. He has not sent them over yet. It was all supposed to have been completed by 20th April.
Can I fill in a D11 form myself and send to the court in the hope I can get the outstanding money and papers to sign?? Where do I stand legally with his solicitor not providing the documents or full amount of money?

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