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Why won't he let go?!

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purplelass Fri 20-Apr-18 09:38:45

ExH cheated on me a few years ago (emotional affair turned real affair despite me warning him a billion times that it was going to happen) so I kicked him out.

He moved in with her and I picked up the broken pieces of my life and got on with being the best mum I could.

He's still living with the girl he had the affair with and I've been in a happy relationship for the last 2 years but not living together.

We have to stay in touch to communicate about our daughter and that's the only thing I'll ever message him about. And that's only when it's absolutely necessary.

Every time I'm a little bit nice to him he'll reply about how he still loves me and wishes everything had been different. When he does this I don't even reply as I'm not entering into those conversations.

He came round yesterday and was saying about how he wanted to come back - I just laughed and pretended I thought he was joking but I can't believe he's still going on! Does he really think I'll take him back??? I actually feel sorry for his girlfriend...

Sorry, just needed to vent angry

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Sistersofmercy101 Fri 20-Apr-18 13:59:28

Ugh. I'm so sorry OP, he sounds vile! I'd check out non mol if I were just in case he decides to make a pest of his self!

ReanimatedSGB Fri 20-Apr-18 15:42:43

He's just feeding his ego by pretending that no woman can possibly be happy if deprived of his Mighty Dick. Unless he's really making a pest of himself, just treat all this nonsense with polite, patronising indifference.

Ragaroo Sat 21-Apr-18 13:29:33

I would be so tempted to record him saying those things on my phone and send it to his gf. But I guess that wouldn't help you or your child... just count your stars for a lucky escape!

purplelass Mon 23-Apr-18 09:36:51

I don't think I'll have to go as far an non mol Sistersofmercy101 as it's more irritating than anything else but it might be worth threatening him with it...

You hit the nail on the head ReanimatedSGB - I'm so well rid of him!

Ragaroo I would but if she kicked him out he'd have to move back to his parents and they live close to me so I'd only make things worse for myself!

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