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Where to start - finances logistics etc

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dietstartsagaintomorrow Sat 14-Apr-18 15:26:28

So... stbex knows I'm not happy and couples counselling failed miserably (just proved how little effort he put into our relationship). I am getting closer to being brave enough to instigate seperation but don't know where to start. Our eldest has sats in a few weeks so not going to start the conversation before then but what can I do in the mean time? Where do I go for advice regarding finances ? (We own a house together which I'd be devastated if I have to leave). Are there any pieces of information I need if I do go down the divorce route ? He handles all bills / accounts etc - we pay the same amount into a joint account each month which bills come out of. I have no access to this as it is done online and I've never had / needed a card. Our earnings are fairly similar but he works more hours than me - I wonder if I need to look at a full time job if I'm to keep the house 😕 I haven't told my family about my plans yet , and while friends are supportive they either don't have experience or aren't close to talk to. Any tips on handling the logistics would be much appreciated

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MarieG10 Sun 15-Apr-18 17:15:57

Try and get copies of all bills, liabilities such as loans, mortgage etc and also income. At the same time find a family law practitioner solicitor and go for a free initial consultation. You won't know the full facts of your position until there has been full disclosure between parties solicitors but it takes ages, especially getting valuations on any pensions ...can be 3-5 months for public sector ones

Minime85 Sun 15-Apr-18 20:05:47

See solicitor/citizens advice for help. You need to know your outgoings. Need to know equity in house. I had to go back full time to get the mortgage company to agree to me having the mortgage on my own and go back up 6 years in terms of repayments. Whilst I get not wanting to leave house as I didn’t initially actually I soon wanted to leave and buy my own house not one that had been martial Home. Actually better for my kids in end as fresh start all round.

dietstartsagaintomorrow Mon 16-Apr-18 07:10:18

Thankyou Marie & minime - really useful information. I don't want to do anything before my eldest has his sats next month so will use that time to gather info

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MrsBertBibby Mon 16-Apr-18 09:00:30

Please don't expect comprehensive detailed advice on finances from a free interview, It's not what Fred interviews are for.

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