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What could he do?

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Satorye Sun 25-Mar-18 09:34:20

I'm planning to escape to women's refuge hopefully in couple of days.
Partner that I have 2 yr old with has been abusive whole 3 years that I know him and can't stand it anymore have to leave since he also endangered my sons safety year ago by putting the bathroom on fire while we were at home(he did it because I tried to break up with him). The police was disgusted that he put everyone living around us in danger including our son and they have even told me"there's plenty of ways to kill yourself"(without endagering others-bit heartless comment but true). He said he had no intention to harm anyone but himself. Really, by setting a fire?
Anyway he had restriction for couple of weeks and then they dismissed the case and we went back together.

My worry is that even next to this he'll try to complicate our lives. He has his lawyer dealing with his visa(that he's applying based on having child and partnership with me)and this one is actually capable of getting things done I don't doubt his lawyer wouldn't be able to do something for him.

Also I have to make my sons passport and since he's on birth certificate as his father I need to go with him to London(it's bit far)to sign, to my embassy.

I don't know what to do or what to expect. After he set fire I knew I have no idea what to expect anymore. I don't know.
It's so damn hard I feel my energy is running out. I've got no more, I'm defeated.

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