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Divorcing, opinion needed.

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Josephdela Sun 18-Mar-18 09:48:28

Hello Everyone,

Please, I found this forum online so I’ll make sure to explain myself the best way I can because of my English, so be patient with my questions.

I want to take a divorce from wife and we have agreed to this already, so we have a mutual understanding to do the divorce as quick as we can. We are aged 33, no financial ties (mortgage), no children, literally building our lives when things started falling apart.
I hope to save money on a lawyer so I want to manage the divorce process myself, I found this form online , I will fill and submit the form.

But the questions that I have is:
1)Because I am doing this myself, I have no lawyer so when my wife receive and signed the divorce paper, are we still going to need a lawyer or have to go courts to do anything, like represent ourselves, because I don’t have this experience of speaking in the court like they do on TV. I am asking because I don’t know if going to the court to answer why we are divorcing is part of the divorce proceedings after she sign the divorce form that I will file.

Thank you.

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thisishard2 Sun 18-Mar-18 11:47:10

It is only part of the divorce if your wife were to "defend it". Most people do not do this (it is pointless and very expensive), and I am guessing your wife won't as you have together agreed to get divorced.

If you want to get divorced quickly, you are better off picking "unreasonable behaviour" as your reason - your wife and yourself could pick the "reasons", as the other routes open to you (apart from adultery) take longer.

Josephdela Sun 18-Mar-18 12:56:23

thank you for your response.

So in our case, best point being to print out our divorce form, fill it, include the court fee of £550 and wait for the court to process our divorce papers so she can sign it and send it back because I am confident that I can d this?

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