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Solicitor recommendations in South london please

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fleetingthinker Tue 13-Mar-18 12:54:22

I need to divorce my financially abusive and domineering H. Im based in S london & would be grateful recommendation.

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lovecamping Thu 15-Mar-18 06:36:52

Caroline Burstein at Thackeray Williams in Bromley. She was amazing for me. Not cheap at £275 exc vat per hour. I had an one-off consultation because dh had an idea for separation and was bullying me to accept. She went through finances, my rights and steps to divorce and gave me 25mins more of her time. It gave me confidence to know I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want. She was also very realistic with me. Would definitely recommend.
I also called another lawyer who was rude and didn’t get back to me whereas this company were attentive & did things when they said they would. She was unbelieveably good in my situation.

thisishard2 Thu 15-Mar-18 07:10:23

Hanne and Co in SW11.

fleetingthinker Fri 16-Mar-18 09:43:51

Thanks for these. That sounds like exactly what i need Camping.

One of H'a friends is a family sol and I expect he'll go in all guns blazing so feel v nervous about it but can't stay married much longer as the stress is killing me.

Once one else mentioned woman's aid so may try them too.

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