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How do l work out my share

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MyBoysAndI Tue 13-Mar-18 06:39:49

I read on here posts that the financial split is 50/50 or 60/40 etc

But how do you actually work that out.

My solicitor told me that a direct comparison for the house value and STBXH pension isn't possible as a house is classed as "ready money".

I'm just wondering how well l did in my divorce in terms if the percentage split

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wobytide Tue 13-Mar-18 11:04:51

As your solicitor said hard to compare apples and pears in many cases.

If the only splits were house and pension for example then you could work out how much they equate to with the pension valued at 100% then at 75% of it's value then 50% and see how that works out. Pension valuing is a hard one as often equates to how much value and respective ages i.e. if very close to pension age then you would value it at close to real value, if 30 years from pension age then you'd assign a lower value to it. Also if things like SM or other assets were involved then you need to assign value to them

i.e. House £200k split 60/40 and each of you keeping a pension £50k/£100k

You would say wife had £120k house equity/£50k pension from a pot of £350k i.e. around 49%/51% split

If you however only value the pensions at 75% of their value as still some way off calculation becomes

£120k house, £37.5k pension from pot of £312k i.e. 50%/50%

And then valuing pension at 50%

£120k house, £25k pension from pot of £275k i.e. 64%/36%

Those are very rough examples as everyone values things differently and depends on the other factors like your wages and capability over the years too so what might seem an unfair percentage is part of a bigger settlement when all other factors are considered

MyBoysAndI Tue 13-Mar-18 12:14:22

Many thanks

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