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Telling the children

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SpringerLink Tue 06-Mar-18 15:01:08

My husband has decided to move out. He’s procrastinating, he first said he was going in November but now I think it’s really happening.

How do we go about telling the DC. They are DS (8 with probable autism), DD1 (6, massive Daddy’s girl), DD2 (4).

He hasn’t said where he’s moving to, we have yet to agree to how and how much he will see the DC (he’s not the primary carter now, so looks like every other weekend is possible).

Any advice on how to tell them would be great.

Also, we’ve had a family holiday booked since September last year, due to go in April. He’s now said he’s not coming, but again has not told the DC. Is it ok for me to just tell them? DS in particular needs a lot of consistentcy and warning of change.

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