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Resuming Previous Petition

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BLAZEFALCONBURGER Mon 05-Mar-18 21:21:16

Hi all - 1st post, and I wondered (well, hoped) if somebody could give me some advice, as this forum seems a wealth of knowledge on this unfortunate topic.

In February 2016 I moved out of the marital home and in June 2016 I filed a petition to divorce my wife on the grounds of UB, the respondent replied and it was filed at the court.
I then didn't apply for the decree nisi, and we had an attempt at reconciliation and I moved back to the home in July. Unfortunately the reconciliation attempt never really worked and has failed with the same reasons given for UB as before, but now I would like to resume the divorce process. I was living in hope for change, but it never happened.

I have received conflicting information on how to proceed - one person at the court told me to complete forms D84, D80B and apply for the nisi as the case is still live, but include a letter to the court to explain the delay, and another told me I need to file form D11 and cancel this petition and start a new one, paying another £550 court fee.

I did use an (expensive) high street solicitor for the initial petition, but I am keen to attempt to DIY this time to save costs. The forms look easy enough, but on the D80b form under the section of !have you lived together for more than 6 months since starting the petition" - I wonder what I could explain here to help my case?

Has anyone been in the same position or could anyone shed any light?


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DancingLedge Mon 05-Mar-18 21:25:00

Try the legal boards.
(Talk- Other stuff-Legal)
Some good solicitors on there.

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