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Student loan

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DrCoconut Sun 18-Feb-18 20:12:50

I'm divorcing "d"H on grounds of unreasonable behaviour. I have around £5k in a savings account. It's money from my post graduate student loan. It's paid over 2 years but the course is 3 years, I'm 18 months in at the moment (part time, I also work part time and have 3DC). All next years fees and costs are supposed to come out of that fund. Am I correct in thinking that because it's a loan for a specified purpose it would not count as a marital asset and he would have no claim.

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Grufeling Sun 18-Feb-18 20:14:35

I'm not sure.

Perhaps post in Legal for advice?

Aprilshowerswontbelong Sun 18-Feb-18 20:16:43

But it's a loan not free cash - how would he be entitled to cash that isn't really yours?

DrCoconut Sun 18-Feb-18 20:26:08

I think that's probably the question. Is it the account balance that's looked at or the source/purpose of the money as well? I've had student finance classed as savings before, years ago when I had to claim housing benefit.

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ZBIsabella Mon 19-Feb-18 10:29:24

It sounds like a student loan to me so not cash. If he wants some of it then he will have to take on the student loan liability! I bet he won't want that. Bit like the opposite of pension sharing on divorce - debt sharing with the student loans company. Is that a thing?

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