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How did your children take it?

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Towelonthedoor Thu 15-Feb-18 13:14:36

I worry I have a pre teen daughter who literally rolls her eyes at everything. I imagine her saying I have ruined her life. We also have another daughter at primary school age. How did your children cope?

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fusspot66 Thu 15-Feb-18 13:18:46

Mine were tearful very briefly - he told them alone, in spite of our decision to do it together, after an incident at the meal table. And then they got on with life. Father had disengaged from family life so much before we split that he has barely been missed. They do begrudge that he moved and hour away so eow they spend 2 hours in the car.

Whatiwishfor Fri 16-Feb-18 08:38:49

My children were both very young, 2 and 3! The 3 year old was immediately more effected but moved on with it and was quite matter a fact quick quickly. Now i think it effects the 2 year old more now (hes now 3). But i think certistics show its less about the actual split and more about the stress an animosity that comes with it all! My separation and continuing divorce has been pretty dreadful and drawn out. My ex lives with another woman and her children and is constantly difficult but i try very very not to show any stress or animosity. I allow the children to talk about him and his partner and her kids and make it clear that they can talk about anything they want to me.

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