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How long do financial consent orders take?

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GoldenOrb Mon 12-Feb-18 19:40:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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MrsBertBibby Mon 12-Feb-18 19:48:48

Hard to say. I'm waiting on a decree nisi application that went in mid December, but financial orders may have their own queue.

Kittycat124 Mon 12-Feb-18 20:35:32

I’m still waiting for the confirmation that my STBXH has received my petition. He was still living with me at the time and I posted the confirmation form....3 weeks ago. I’m interested to know how long the wait is too

Pleasebeafleabite Mon 12-Feb-18 23:37:17

I’ve been told 2-3 weeks mine is there now

Not bury though

Can your solicitor not give you some idea

GoldenOrb Tue 13-Feb-18 06:42:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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Sanch1 Wed 14-Feb-18 22:16:49

I'm south and my solicitor told me 6 weeks.

Onlyoldontheoutside Sun 18-Feb-18 13:50:35

Ours took 5 weeks and was rejected,resubmitted and took 8weeks.The good news is that decree absolute took days.Arrived on Valentine's Day!Good luck you're almost there.

GetYourActTogether Sun 18-Feb-18 13:54:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Afterthestorm Sun 18-Feb-18 19:31:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Onlyoldontheoutside Mon 19-Feb-18 02:52:12

The original one failed because there was a deputy judge who was sending a lot back and actually wasn't totally up to date.
We wanted to sell the house(no mortgage)50:50,the judge wanted one to buy the other out soy solicitor sent some uptown date ruling saying that we could sell and split .
Then I have an NHS pension which looks good on paper but the cost of splitting it and an actuary would make it not too good for either of us and we wanted to offset that against my ex's savings ,his pension and an inheritance.The papers were slightly adjusted to help the judge do the sums!
This has cost us more and we still have to sell the house.
Ex comes off better as he has bought a house outright and I have a loan and hefty mortgage but my pension is more important as my health means I may have to retire early or at least draw it down and work part time but with this and the house sale I will be OK and can still help DD through uni when the time comes.
Good luck with your consent order,I thing we just were unlucky as neither of out solicitors saw a refusal coming.

Onlyoldontheoutside Mon 19-Feb-18 02:52:57

Not Bury.

Afterthestorm Mon 19-Feb-18 10:07:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ZBIsabella Mon 19-Feb-18 10:25:48

I think ours hand took them round to the High Court and it was pretty fast. Both sides had solicitors and the judge was happy to approve it.

GoldenOrb Mon 19-Feb-18 10:27:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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GoldenOrb Mon 19-Feb-18 10:28:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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