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Relationship advice/support?

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Mummyanne Mon 12-Feb-18 17:10:46

Me and my fiancé have been together just short of 2&1/2years. We have a baby together who we fell pregnant with only 2months into outlet relationship.7 months later we were living together and engaged. Since we have broken up a couple of times and the last time he went back to his parents and I went homeless as life with my parents was difficult. We decided for a fresh start but his mum wouldn't let us stay there despite there being loads of room and me and him having a fresh start. Since we argue all the time I'm so lonely and depressed as I'm living quite a bit away from anyone. He wants me to go back the fun and fit/slim person I used to be before and during pregnancy but I've put on loads of weight and my depression/anxiety/ocd/depersonalisation has got so bad. He is talking about going Spain to see if he likes it and then bringing me and daughter out to see if he likes it with us and we like it and if not we have to come back and he will stay! I know he loves me but when asked the other day he said yes but depends on his mood if he loves me. Sometimes he is so so lovely and helpful and has helped me through my anxiety and stuff even though my neediness and clingy ness was quite bad but I feel even though he visits us and works full time he could make a lot more effort am really struggling. I know I do need to lose weight and stuff but how do I gain my respect back and make things work in the mean time??

Mummyanne Mon 12-Feb-18 17:12:57

PS I literally have panic attacks about us being apart or broken up I hate arguing and always run back no matter what as he and my daughter are all I have I've got no friends and no life and no self respect tbh as sad as it is I just love him so much and believe he loves me otherwise why else would he still be with me

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