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Decree absolute. DIY option?

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FabulousUsername Sun 11-Feb-18 17:40:40

We have decree nisi, I've done everything DIY...spoke to a solicitor re finances, H and I are broadly in agreement.

I'm working and earning, he's earned lots (more than me) in the past but isn't working now. He wants access to our savings, it's in joint names but I set up the account, he's not very good at online banking, now he is asking to get access. Which has sparked my concern as he'll be running down joint funds. He wants me to put half in an account with his name, half for me, but just know that everything is still joint while we are married.

I've just been lazy. But I'm a bit annoyed that o seem to have to do everything and was thinking that perhaps as we're happy living separately (separate houses and separate lives) it might be easier not to divorce. But financially? we need to finalize everything.

But I don't know what to do to get things going. Can I submit the form for decree absolute (and consent order) or must it be signed off by a solicitor? I'm reluctant to spend more on solicitor fees when it's coming out of my money!

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Sanch1 Sun 11-Feb-18 20:25:00

I don't know if you need a solicitor for it but you need the Clean Break Consent Order before you apply for decree absolute. Once that is approved by the Court then you apply for the absolute. You should be able to find a solicitor that'll do a fixed fee if it's straightforward and all agreed. My solicitor quotes £300-600 to draft the order and submit to court. £50 court fee.

FabulousUsername Sun 11-Feb-18 21:02:02

Many thanks Sanch! I'm going to talk to local solicitors tomorrow and ask them straight out about cost. The one I spoke to before charged me hourly for (mediocre) advice so I was £500 down with not much to show. I did all the research and firm filling for the decree nisi but since the new year have lost the momentum! Will Google clean break consent order.

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FabulousUsername Wed 14-Feb-18 15:10:06

Just been to talk over the situation with another local consultation luckily, I asked for a ballpark figure just to do consent etc if H and I are in agreement and they said 2-3 k, perhaps up to 10k... I am now going to use wikivorce, it is £159?!?? I guess the solicitors don't want my business!

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Sanch1 Wed 14-Feb-18 22:10:08

That seems ridiculous! It's literally a statement in fancy lawyer speak about what you've agreed and where your liabilities end that is submitted to court! You could probably Google for an example and follow it? I think know a colleague of mine did his own.

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