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Ex husband is a wanker

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TheHeightSupremacist Sat 10-Feb-18 21:07:32

My ex left me a year and a half ago. Came home one day and said he didn’t love me anymore. Turned out he’d cheated but by the time I found that out I no longer cared as in his absence I’d realised how EA he was and how much better mine and my daughters lives were without him in our home. Despite all this I have always championed him as a dad, he has his stroppy stupid man moments but I know he adores our daughter and have been very reasonable with as much contact as he wants, we agreed maintenance between us and I thought we were doing a good job of co parenting despite our differences.

Recently daughter has been very clingy, not wanting to go to dance clubs, or dad’s as she misses me, a couple of times she’s cried when he’s come to pick her up but I’ve explained she’s just a bit clingy and not to take it personally. However he has been a bit shitty with her about this, shouting and telling her not to bother coming if she hates him so much. Today she was very upset about going and he was shitty with her on the phone when they spoke this morning. She cried on and off all day about going tonight, so I text him and explained that she’s like this with me too and if he just didn’t get offended by it everything would be ok. Even shared a story about her saying she wanted to go live with him because I wouldn’t let her have chips for lunch, thought we could laugh it off and everything would be ok. He didn’t reply until after she’d been picked up by his mum and basically threatened me. Said I was being an a bitch, that I didn’t care less about being good co parents and that all maintenance would stop if I sent him one more cheeky message. I am sitting here crying my eyes out wanting to go get my daughter. What is wrong with him?!

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GummyGoddess Sat 10-Feb-18 21:13:13

Stop being friendly and aim for civil. No need to share anecdotes with someone like that, they will be used against you.

Ignore the maintenance comment, he's trying to upset you by treating you like a naughty child because he's spiteful. He has to pay regardless of you being 'cheeky' (which you were not!).

TheHeightSupremacist Sat 10-Feb-18 22:28:59

I’m actually a bit scared of what he is being like with her if this is what he is saying to me via text. I can’t bear to think of her being shouted at and crying for me and I’m the one who made her go....

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Pleasebeafleabite Sun 11-Feb-18 08:03:25

How old is she Height

This would make me uncomfortable too

I also agree with the comment above - he is not your friend

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