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Received Form E disclosure from Ex - haven't opened it yet - advice?

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themuminator Fri 02-Feb-18 11:14:40

Hard copy stack of papers is waiting in my car for when I finish work this evening. I'm brooding on it.

I already know there won't be enough equity for us both to be appropriately rehouse, and that huge debts will have been racked up from post split.
He's an abusive narcissist with a younger, hotter girlfriend who likes the high life!

I can't drink alcohol or eat chocolate, so need advice on how to tackle this task!

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Whatiwishfor Sat 03-Feb-18 00:00:00

O i feel for you, be brave and open it. The next step is the questionnaire for the court which will need to be done pretty quick. I think im probably just a few steps ahead of you. My soon to be ex husband is a total nightmare im also sure he has a personality disorder too. He has lied about so much on the form. Hes also living with another woman and her two children!!

Open it and attempt to work through it methodically, if i can do it then anyone can! It will also be another step forward to having full independence.

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