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Parent in prison

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whateverloser Mon 29-Jan-18 21:03:05

I have just found out that my estranged dh is in prison. We have been separated for four years and he has no contact with the dc and pays no maintenance for them. CMS involved but no luck. Anyway he is now in prison and I am keen to move on with the divorce. I didn't know where he was previously. I don't know which prison he is in though. Two things- how easy is it to divorce someone in prison and will I be able to get a passport for my youngest dc without his permission? I can't get his permission if I don't know where he is I suppose? TIA

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MrsBertBibby Mon 29-Jan-18 21:13:20

Yes you can get a passport, just explain in a cover letter you don't know where he is.

Getting a divorce is ok if they will acknowledge, otherwise serving a prisoner is tricky.

I would hold off for the 5 year divorce, it tends to be easier to dispense with service for that.

Prisons can be surprisingly forthcoming about who they hold, have you any idea?

whateverloser Mon 29-Jan-18 21:16:05

I don't know- is it worth ringing them up?! I've no experience of this at all.

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