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Waiting to seperate - how did you cope?

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WilliamItWasReallyNothing Wed 24-Jan-18 21:40:25

My marriage has completely broken down in the last year (although it's been a long time coming). I have been sleeping in my DS's bottom bunk bed for over 6 months. Not one corner of the house feels like mine and I have zero privacy. My husband is now looking for a place to rent but the waiting for him to leave is so stressful. I feel totally trapped and panicky. He does nothing to help in the house and next to nothing with the children. I'm finding it hard to stay positive and dread telling my children their father is moving out. For others who have been through this - how did you cope with the waiting? What was the first thing you did once he had moved out?

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Joliv123 Wed 24-Jan-18 22:53:45

Hi there sorry to hear about your situation, I'm going through a similar thing right now, my partner of 14 years finished with me in October 2017, then said he wanted to make it work , but u could tell he didn't really mean it, there was no action just words, his body language didn't fit his words, anyway, we were still talking things through, he went to his family for Christmas then I found he had met up with another woman, confronted him, he said we were finished , I said dam right we are, any way he has moved into the spare room, I hate him being in the house, have asked him to move out, he says he can't afford to do that until we sell the house , he says he's living his life, although I don't want him back I hate knowing what he is doing, I find it so disrespectful to one minute be with me and then the next off meeting up with his new woman, the wY I am getting through this is to talk about things with my trusted friends, not bottling up my emotions, so if I feel upset I do cry, if I'm angry I shout at him, but after I try to take deep breaths and think of other stuff to change my moods, it's a crap place to be , but I keep thinking that this won't be forever, it's for the best and the future will be better, keep strong, try and keep routines , go to bed and try to sleep , try and eat well and I've not had a drink since I found out because I know it won't be good for me, I've also signed up for a yoga class , to try and stretch out and relax, to try and look after myself the best I can while this is happening. I am also taking control in the house, I won't sneek around if he's about I hold my head up and strut my stuff, if I feel uncomfortable in this situation , you can bet he does too. Keep strong and look after your self

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