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ExH moving abroad

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MrsMummy500 Mon 22-Jan-18 20:48:39

I've had enough problems enforcing interim maintenance. He is always late and currently it's been two months without, whilst waiting for a court date to enforce.

On his weekly phone call tonight he tells DS 10 that he is moving to America. No warning only 'he's going for a very long time'. DSs don't seem to be too bothered or shell shocked right now, but I'm really cross at the way he just sprung it on them, without discussing it with me or having a dual approach to breaking the news.

Two issues:

Managing the fall out with DSs 10 and 8. He has blamed me for him having to move abroad land has told them as much. Does anyone have experience of this? What sort of thing with contact should I watch for? what is normal? He is certainly not a hands on father.

Second, how can I ensure future CM. I don't have SM once the house is sold, but how can I ensure the school fees and CM are paid?


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Whatiwishfor Mon 22-Jan-18 22:05:57

Hi there
Do you have a residency order? i may be wrong but tbh my first concern would be, would he be able to take them to america and not return them?? Regarding CM you could go through child support they can enforce it.

I would also be annoyed that it was discussed with the children with out me knowing before so i could support the children. My husband moved in with a woman and her children, had the children over to stay and told them first, i was so angry.

mintbiscuit Mon 22-Jan-18 22:08:36

I understood CM cannot be enforced overseas. My ex lives overseas and I was told that I would have to pursue legal avenues myself.

iggleypiggly Mon 22-Jan-18 22:13:55

I was under the impression that the US support the UK with regards to child support and it is enforceable. They think very badly of non payers, can get arrested at airports etc.

iggleypiggly Mon 22-Jan-18 22:15:31

This may be helpful;

MrsMummy500 Mon 22-Jan-18 22:58:07

I don't have a residency order but I am applying for one currently, [Whatiwishfor]. It is highly unlikely he wouldn't return them, given he barely wants to see them, but you're right, it's something I hadn't thought of and he's so angry at me that he could actualluy decide not to return them.
What can I do about this? Any ideas? Just a residency order?
Also very little point in becoming angry at him. He is a law unto himself and I have to expect the worse. I can actually imagine this is all a rouse to make me panic and DSs angry at me.

Thanks Iggleypiggly - v useful.

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FredaNerkk Sun 28-Jan-18 01:40:21

Do your children have passports? Who holds them?

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