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Ex withholding passport

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singlemum32 Wed 17-Jan-18 12:50:53

Hi all

My husband who I am separated for is living in the matrimonial home and has changed the locks. I need my passport for ID purposes and he is ignoring all my messages. He said months ago that he could not find it, but even when I sent a message saying I know where it is (and explaining) and if he can't find it, can I come and look for it, he is ignoring them.

Can I ring the police (non emergency obviously)? I need it ASAP for trying to sort out housing!

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Ilovecamping Wed 17-Jan-18 12:53:26

It might have been illegal to change the locks, get some legal advice.

singlemum32 Wed 17-Jan-18 12:55:03

Thanks. It isn't illegal because my name wasn't on the mortgage (although half deposit was mine and previous house was jointly owned, I was pregnant and not working when purchasing house) .. although it is matrimonial property. We are not yet divorced..

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