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Whatiwishfor Wed 17-Jan-18 22:58:24

Would it be simpler to say there all lost and just get new ones? i know it costs but may be a lot easier.

MrsMummy500 Wed 17-Jan-18 12:20:03

Thanks for this Stronger!

I want to apply for residence order too. I'll have a go. Did you need to explain why you didn't mediate?

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StrongerThanIThought76 Tue 16-Jan-18 22:46:46

I applied for one when exh refused permission to take kids on holiday.

My solicitor told me that anyone with half a brain can apply - so I did with only the minimum support from her. Couple of hundred quid to apply, forms reasonably straightforward.

I was awarded SIO for the holiday and Judge gave me a residence order on the spot.

I had a lot of support from wikivorce website throughout.

Good luck!

MrsMummy500 Mon 15-Jan-18 12:12:55

Does anyone have experience of applying for one of these?

My ExH is doing his usual and withholding the passports from me after return of xmas holiday. I don't have a living with order, but the children live with me and see him usually every other weekend.


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