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Enforcing a consent order

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Secretsout Fri 12-Jan-18 16:37:42

Can I have some advice? I really can't afford any further legal costs, my solicitor has just left her firm and wasn't very helpful in this respect anyway. Ex has now ended with his solicitor.

I've just been through a horrendous acrimonious divorce from my very EA narc ex.

Our order was sealed in September but only came in to effect on completion of the sale of the FMH. This has now happened. He was required to pay SM and CM on completion and each month hereafter.

Not surprisingly, he has missed the first payment and has stated he will only pay if I do X,Y,Z. i.e. He will pay if his conditions are met. His conditions stipulate I must evidence a piece of financial information about myself. I am not prepared to do this.

How do I enforce this order? I have form D151 and help form EX327. But I've also heard of form D50. Also, given that he is financially controlling and will not leave me alone I would like to apply for an Attachment of earnings at the same time as requesting enforcement of the order.

Can anyone help please?

Afterthestorm Fri 12-Jan-18 19:18:17

Sorry I can't help but bumping this for you. Sounds very annoying!

Secretsout Fri 12-Jan-18 19:48:44

Thank you after Yes, it's annoying but everything he does is aimed at causing me as much distress as he possibly can. He cares not one fuck about our kids welfare only his own personal desire to seek revenge against the woman who dared divorce him.

SunshineHQ Sat 13-Jan-18 23:47:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMummy500 Sun 14-Jan-18 13:53:47

apply for an attachment of earnings that way it will be deducted at source from employers and a third party debt order for the arrears.

I would also look into seeking a non molestation order with a condition about not contacting you unless in an emergency.

FE15 is the attachment of earnings order and third party debt order is straight forward to google and find. You should do a witness statement attached to the FE15 setting out all the information you have on his income.

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