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Section 47 Report

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Nervous1234 Wed 10-Jan-18 09:38:22

Looking for Advice. I am in the middle of a separation at the moment and we both requested a Section 47 report in relation to the children. We have 4 ranging from 17 to 10 years of age,

The report came out and it recommendations were that the children spend 50/50 with equal time with both parents and that would the court consider a week on week off scenario.

I am appalled at this as I have no where to go and I do not feel that it is in the best interests of the children to spend a week with their father, He is on disability and claims that he cannot work due to illness. He spends all his time in bed watching television and get up when the kids come home from school. I do all the caring for them .

He has a lump sum payment that I froze through the courts. My question is will the courts uphold the 50/50 custody and the recommendation of the week on week off.

We dont speak to each other at all and the atmosphere at home is toxic. Guards being called several times as he was abusive to me..

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