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Partner given up

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Ed209 Tue 02-Jan-18 15:13:57

My partner of nearly 4 years has decided to end our relationship.
I’m utterly devastated.
I sold my home to be with her as we felt a fresh start and new house would be better for our children, I have DD 12 and DS 10, she has DD 12 and DS 8.
We moved into her village. She didn’t want to sell her home and suggested that it would make a good investment for our future/retirement.
She has always struggled to get close with my children who stay with us exactly every other week.
Hers stay with us except Wednesdays and every other weekend.
She seemed to give up trying to bond with my children, and I eventually ended up losing interest in hers...
Now she feels there is no point in continuing as we don’t have that connection with each other’s children.
I love her dearly and when it is just the two of us it is amazing.
We have had some really great times, but also some really hard ones too.
I can’t stop thinking about her, calling, texting and trying for reconciliation.
In most things I’m a successful man but felt I have lost my soulmate. I don’t really want to give up on us but I seem to have hit a brick wall.
She tells me that she loves me, but doesn’t love the “whole package” meaning my kids!
I tell her that they will grow, and change, but she seems adamant to leave. I feel that this is a woman I want to grow old with, and now feel so empty.
My whole life seems in turmoil.
I left my home to be with this lady, and she has just walked out leaving me.
I would do anything to rekindle what we had.

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BackInTheRoom Thu 04-Jan-18 09:11:11


This sounds so sad. Sounds like you both really tried hard to make it work. And it didn't. And sounds like she can't make it work for her. You need to let it go OP. So so tough. So sorry.

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