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What happened to the young woman who was assulted by her bf

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notsodimwit Thu 28-Dec-17 04:31:00

The young mother whos bf tried to strangle her sad just so worried about her and cant find the thread to see if any updates on her sad

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notsodimwit Thu 28-Dec-17 04:36:14

I also think it might have been on the relationship part of the site blush

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BattleCunt Thu 28-Dec-17 04:48:31

The thread was deleted. We don't know anything other than that sadly.

Toooldtobearsed Thu 28-Dec-17 04:49:09

The OP asked for the thread to be deleted.

notsodimwit Thu 28-Dec-17 04:55:07

Thank you, just hope she is oksad

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notsodimwit Thu 28-Dec-17 05:05:17

How do I now delate this thread please? I dont want to add to her problems

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BattleCunt Thu 28-Dec-17 06:05:45

Best way is to report your post and ask for it to be deleted.

MrsBertBibby Thu 28-Dec-17 18:43:47

Her thread was deleted because of self-righteous dicks threatening her with mumsnet telling social services to come take her kids.

Bloody morons.

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