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Mediation after court order?

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sothisisnew Mon 18-Dec-17 09:51:04

Hi all,
My DP has recently been granted a court order to see the children more. His ex has not taken it well and the last few handovers have been pretty hostile, which as you can imagine is not ideal for the small children involved.
It might just be that she needs some time to cool off and things will get better, but I am curious as to whether there is anything else more proactive he could be doing to smooth things over, like maybe mediation or therapy or something?

Does anyone have any experience of this stage of post-separation, and can offer any words of wisdom for him? Thanks.

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MrsBertBibby Mon 18-Dec-17 10:04:40

I would say really just keep his head down, don't rise to anything, don't offer any offence, and see if she calms down. If she's still at it by Easter, maybe time for something more proactive.

No one likes to "lose", and it sounds like that's how it feels to her.

butterfly56 Mon 18-Dec-17 10:35:22

To avoid the hostility. and reduce the opportunity for her to be hostile is to choose a neutral location for drop off and pick up.

YouWhoNeverArrived Mon 18-Dec-17 22:20:40

Sadly we are in a very similar position. We were awarded the contact we asked for a year ago and DP's ex-wife is still being very hostile and difficult now, to the extent that it's distressing and unsettling the children. We have recently had to go back to DP's solicitor and are gearing up to take further action. Keep a diary of everything hostile that she says and does, no matter how minor - hopefully she will simmer down, but if not you'll be glad to have a record of her behaviour.

sothisisnew Wed 20-Dec-17 08:15:45

Thanks everyone. Hopefully things will get better in time, but I will ensure he keeps records and does everything by the book in case he has to take action in the future.

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