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Scotland: Sending writ, last 3 weeks of 1yr since separation

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bubbilicious71 Sun 03-Dec-17 01:23:32

Hi, want to get divorce based on Unreasonable Behaviour. After getting the writ (next week), spouse can respond within 21 days. Within that 21 days it will technically be now over 1 yr since separation date. Can respondent say 'hey, I dunno why you mentioning UB, I wanna divorce too, and switches it unilaterally to 'Greater than 1 yr less than 2 yrs since separation' divorce rather than Unreasonable Behaviour? Worried about this cos embarassing stuff in UB thinking it may force him to settle rather than drag it on and on in court on his terms. Thank you.

Jixy8731 Sun 03-Dec-17 06:47:12

As I understand it now that you have set out the grounds for the divorce, that is what it is, unless you drop it and start again. He could choose not to defend himself on the UB, but that would be effectively accepting your opinions and most folk wouldn’t be happy to do that.

bubbilicious71 Sun 03-Dec-17 20:31:55

Thanks a lot. Thankfully it's mostly provable stuff, emailed verbal abuse, theft etc.

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