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So sad and confused

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Carolynwilson1818 Thu 30-Nov-17 13:28:34

Hi can anyone help me. Been together ten years married five and for the past four years I've spent time with a man who suffers undiagnosed dilusions disorder. He was hospitalised three years ago but his ability to convince everyone he is well ment he left hospital came off meds . Over the years many things have happened his dilusions include people damaging the property to get his attention. He thinks he was psychic when he was younger and people from his past are coming to tell him they believe in his ability by the method of signs like leaving things at property damaging property etc. Mental health team can't help me because he has to want help and he is not violent so can't get him forced help. He wants me to accept his abilities. He functions at work and home so than no one but me knows this. His parents know he is unwell but because he won't tell them the stuff he tells me..they don't believe me. I've got two young children and after this big episode where he began blaming me for spiking his food etc I've begun to think I can't do this anymore. I'm going to struggle thru Christmas for the kids but should I keep's made me very ill this time. I'm scared of breaking up the home and he said to me if I'm so unhappy I must leave and he will tell the kids it's all my fault. Help please x

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pingu73 Thu 30-Nov-17 13:34:11

I would start with gp or nurse practitioner and explain. They can refer to mh services be warned they’re not very quick to act.
If you feel his episodes are escalating then for you and the kids sake I would leave.
I have bi polar and acknowledge my illness and work with my family. Sounds like your living right at the centre of the storm
Huge hugs your not alone xxx

pingu73 Thu 30-Nov-17 13:36:24

Just another thought maybe secretly record him when he’s having an episode so you can demonstrate to professionals what your seeing them he can’t dent it

Carolynwilson1818 Thu 30-Nov-17 13:43:17

Thank u so so much for listening and replying....I've tried with the go they say I can be referred to go talk to someone on how to cope but as far as my husband is concerned last night I asked him again to talk to someone about his thoughts. He has no intention of doing so as he is excited about his abilities coming to fruition and it's leading to something big. I tried recording him he caught me....I did do this in the past to show gp that was many years ago and thru time I've lost these on old phones. He watches my every move xx I do love him and keep telling myself he doesn't drink he is a great father maybe I just need to learn to manage this and accept it....not sure I can be intimate with a man who accused me of having mental health issues because he thinks he is "normal" x

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pingu73 Thu 30-Nov-17 13:49:27

Sorry but the behaviour sounds like a full on psychotic episode. Paranoia etc. I’m not saying he is bi polar however you may find the online support groups useful as they have a friends /family thread and you would get lots of support and help. It’s bi
They also talk about other mh issues so you may get some really positive channels to follow
Personally as a parent myself you have to safeguard your children and if you sense something is brewing I wouldn’t ignore it
Michelle xx

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