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Unmarried, broke mum of 2 looking to separate

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ScandiCinnamon Wed 29-Nov-17 13:29:14

So, I find myself in 'that' position.....unmarried, in a very low paid part time job, as I put whatever career I had on the back burner, so I could look after the 2 DD's in the afternoons after primary school.

After 11 years of living together the relationship is beyond saving dread to think of how much money we spent on relate and other couples therapy

I don't have any family here, or savings to fall back upon and am somewhat petrified. Think rabbit in headlights.

I realise I need to seek legal advice and/or go to CAB, but just posting on the off chance that someone that has been in a similar position could share their experience please.

OH earns decent money and pay the majority of our mortgage and household bills but I also contribute to the bills. We both own our home, joint tenants. However, he owned it for a few years before I moved in. When I fell pregnant he added me to the deeds. I never paid him anything for this, but have invested in some upkeep of the property.

Would I have 50/50 right to any profits if the house was sold? Or more? Just as an aside I would not be able to afford to buy a new place either way, as I could not get a mortgage on the peanuts money I earn never the less support myself and the DDs.

In a panic.

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MrsBertBibby Wed 29-Nov-17 19:41:55

If It's joint tenants rather than tenants in common in unequal shares, then it should be equal shares.

If you had all the equity, could you afford somewhere?

MrsBertBibby Wed 29-Nov-17 19:42:27

Consider shared ownership, by the way.

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