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Dependent and Stuck

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HugLife Sun 19-Nov-17 09:58:06

I am in need of some help. I am a permanent resident in Ontario, Canada. I live with my husband who sponsored me. I have lived in Canada for just over three years now. We just had a baby in August, but I am wanting to get a separation and eventually a divorce. We have not been okay for quite sometime now and pretending that everything is okay is only draining me of all life.

I am financially dependant on my husband. I don't have a vehicle or drive. He is not wanting to separate or divorce. I have no one here in Canada in regards to available support systems. I want to split custody so that I can move back to Wisconsin in the USA, where all of my family lives. They are all ready and able to help me gain back my independance, and get back on my feet as a new mother. He is completely against this because he doesn't want to be away from our daughter. He has told me multiple times that the court would not allow it no matter what since he would never agree to it.

Right now I am the primary caretaker of our daughter, I spend all of my time with her. My husband works full time and financially supports us.

Please help me, I am bascially stuck in limbo here, wanting so desperately to get a separation and go back home, but with no power to even start the process of trying. I have tried contacting Legal Aide but can not get through to anyone there. As I said before I am not mobile, and my husband is completely against everything I want. I know he would not drive me to any appointment to meet with anyone who wants to help me. If there is any kind of advice or help anyone could offer, I would greatly appreciate it. I feel so trapped, alone and helpless.

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Onlymeeeeee Sun 19-Nov-17 11:27:19

Can a family member collect youand daughter for a holiday (aka vacation) back to Wisconsin?

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