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Consent order

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flirtygirl Fri 17-Nov-17 13:40:51

Hi has anyone used an online service for consent order?
Ive been doing the divorce myself which is fine but need a solicitor to draft the consent order. Online services are much cheaper but has anyone got any experience, ( good or bad) any advice is good. Tia.

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FabulousUsername Sun 19-Nov-17 06:02:43

Hi, I'm wondering about this too. H and I have agreed asset split between us and I saw a solicitor to run through it, £450 for her to confirm what I already knew as I'd done the research online so I'm wary of more solicitor involvement.

holdmybeer Sun 19-Nov-17 06:45:26

Yes, a few years ago now. I used divorce-online. If everything is amicable and you just need help filling forms in correctly I would recommend them. If it is complicated or there is any dispute then you would be better considering alternatives.

flirtygirl Tue 21-Nov-17 13:55:45

Thanks fabulous thats what i thought, no point paying a solicitor to confirm what we already know.
Thanks holdmybeer will look at them. Have seen wikivorce and quickevorce. It will save alot of money as no real assets involved. Im more concerned of future prospects and inheritance being protected.

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