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Need Separation Advice

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NYCmama2012 Sat 11-Nov-17 09:59:55

Dear Mums, I am in a marriage that has totally broken down. To cut it short, we've tried counselling and with many promises to fix things, I truly believe we have come to the end. My husband says the cruellest things to me in front of the children, which makes me angry and hurt. I cannot bear to be with this man any longer. He has become a stranger. I know we doing damage to the children, having grown up in a nightmarish dysfunctional family myself.

I would like to hear of any stories of women who went through separation: did it help? how did you get through it? My biggest obstacle is financial. I make a modest income and have two young children. How do I find a separate flat in an area of London that is quite expensive near to my children's school---need to keep thing as routine and normal as possible. Was separation really hard, and in what ways? Is it possible to do it amicably? Is there anything I should do/know to ensure we both are responsible for the children personally, emotionally and financially during this time?

I'm not ready for a divorce: I see this as a way to dip my ready toes in the water and see how it goes. Then Ill be able to know if its the right thing for everyone.

Thanks all. I'm ready to do this, just need some encouragement!

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