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Abuse, going to court

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ChristinaParsons Fri 10-Nov-17 23:00:02

First hearing coming up. I can’t see him, would rather throw myself in front of a train then be in the same building as him. My solicitor says she will do her best and to get a letter from my GP. Best she can promise is I will be in a side room and barrister will inform me what is happening. My solicitor has advised barrister will be better than her attending court but I won’t meet barrister until court day.

MrsBertBibby Fri 10-Nov-17 23:02:12

What is the hearing about?

ChristinaParsons Fri 10-Nov-17 23:08:21

Finance. Absolute has been issued.

MrsBertBibby Fri 10-Nov-17 23:28:59

Good luck. Courts are horrendously poorly designed for the way family law works today. Will you have a friend with you? If not, can you arrange to meet the barrister away from court?

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