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Divorce Query! Help & advice needed

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Morgan88 Thu 09-Nov-17 19:50:27

Dear all
I'm new to this and not completely sure of all the jargon..

I am going through a very very very messy divorce!!
It has been officially going on a year in Feb, however been on & off for two years.
My Ex-H filed a petition for divorce in Feb 2016 on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. I cross petitioned .. On grounds of his unreasonable behaviour. And finally got heated in court in Feb 2017.
The judge tried to persuade me to consent to a 2 year separation as we hadn't been living together longer than 6 months since we married. And he said my petitioner succeeds and stands. And no award of costs in divorce suit ... Which I consented too.
An order from this hearing was issued in March 2017.
Throughout the proceedings I had believed we were divorcing on the grounds of my EX-H unreasonable behaviour.
In September we were given a date for the final hearing in Jan 2018.. But 2 weeks ago a new order was sent to me.. That the decree nisi (which was granted in Feb 2017) was granted under the two year separation .. No mention of my petition succeeding and no mention of costs..
I've received the transcript and asked the judge to rescind the new order and restore the old one.. Which I now had to make an application to be heard in court my reasons why?!
Throughout most the process I have acted as a litigant in person .. And three firms let me down and suffered great loss from each of them.
And I do believe there has been collusion.. Deliberate deception .. And now this all to ensure I am left with nothing but to pay a great deal of my ex-H legal costs!

Background info-
Two properties both in his name
1x matrimonial home- which my ex-h mother put a charge in her favour on whilst we were separated
1x property I hadn't lived in, it is in his name.

We have one child
He lives with his parents. Earns a s**t load of money.. Mostly cash on hand and surprise surprise not declaring!

I'm unfairly on all the benefits I can be whilst the resident carer of our 2 year old child.

His mother won her money from the charge but more evidence of it being a complete lie and fraud has been found .. And I am appealing against her claim.

They've had a s**t load of costs orders made against me during these proceedings and the judge has ignored what was agreed in the hearing on Feb 2017.
And I believe there intentions are to leave me with minus nothing and a load of debt.

Is this at all possible??
Can any shed any light/ hope/ direction/ advice on this mess??

Many thanks xxxx

Morgan88 Thu 09-Nov-17 19:56:03

Also wish to add, as I am the petitioner (as it got changed from the hearing in Feb 2017) can I say I no longer want a divorce and did not consent to the two year separation but was consenting to a decree nisi on the grounds of my petition which was on my ex-h unreasonable behaviour?
Can I stop this divorce and start again as a matter of speak?
Do I need his consent or anything?
Maybe crazy to ask .. But it has been a complete mess!

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