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Applying for the absolute

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MissTeBe Wed 08-Nov-17 16:27:31

The nisi is back and my solicitor says I can apply for the absolute

Can my STBXH stop things at this point?

MrsBertBibby Wed 08-Nov-17 19:12:26

Realistically, no.

Secretsout Wed 08-Nov-17 20:38:52

I’ve deliberately not applied for my absolute until we exchange contracts on the sale of the FMH.

MissTeBe Tue 14-Nov-17 17:53:41

Aecretsout, why’s that?

Secretsout Tue 14-Nov-17 20:25:41

miss because my ex is a nasty horrible narc and each time I’ve stood up to him his abuse has escalated. I’m in control of this and he has no idea when I’m going to do it. The second he finds out I’ve done it he will escalate. Once we exchange on our house there’s not a damn thing he can do to change anything. It’s helping me to get through it knowing I hold the cards.

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