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Under 30 and getting a divorce, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Brightyoungstar Tue 07-Nov-17 14:05:56

I'm not even 30, in fact I'm not even 28. marriage is over and I need to be practical. I will be going through this with a solicitor, but while I wait for my appointment can any of you please advise me on your experiences of what we are both entitled to, also what we are not entitled to, a brief outline of our situation...

I have a private pension started before we were married and he doesn't have one at all.

He has a successful business, started before we were married.

2DC. No mortgage. Lots of debt all in only his name incurred solely by him unbeknown to me.

We have some savings under my charge

Thanks is advance

Hermonie2016 Tue 07-Nov-17 18:25:06

Do you work? The priority of courts is to ensure the children are adequately looked after so housing will be considered.

What are the options there? You may have a claim on his salary for spousal maintenance but it could be limited as you will be encouraged to work especially as you are young.

You will be entitled to CMS.How does he pay himself? Can you use the calculator for this?

It might be worth valuing the business but that can be costly so you need to get a view of roughly how much it's worth, is he a one man band with a few work tools and a van or has he established a business with a strong balance sheet.Any accounts you can find for the company is relevant.

Look at tax credits calculator as you will be expected to claim along with child benefit.

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