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1st Divorce Hearing in Court - What to expect?

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Mikestr Tue 07-Nov-17 10:07:32

Hi, I am new here, and hopefully I am in the right place to ask this advice?

After separating last year and spending most of this year with a Lawyer, trying to sort the financials (no children involved) I have my date for the 1st court hearing at a local court.

I just wanted to know what to expect as this all sounds very daunting.

Does anyone have any advice?
I have been told that my solicitor will do all the talking but as its quite nerve wracking (never been to court for anything before) I also wanted some advice on :

1. What to wear? smart casual, jacket, shirt, shoes?

2. What to take? I do have most of my documents etc

3. How long this first meeting will go on for, and what will be asked etc

Thank you for any help.

Hermonie2016 Tue 07-Nov-17 16:13:37

Hi, assume this is FDA? Which is the hearing to determine info requests from each side.
Have you seen your ex's questionnaire? In my case it was pretty quick, no issue on questionaires so we went infront of the judge for him to approve it and effectively make it an order that both parties agree to.In & out in an hour.

I would wear smart dresswear, men are typically in suits.
You will go into court, meet your barrister somewhere and hopefully have a room in private.
You barrister will review your questionaire, go and talk to their barrister and agree to amend or change.It could be that simple but if you and your ex are reasonable close on finances and most info provided it would be a FDR so everything wrapped up.

Before FDA your solicitor will prepare all the necessary documents for court including main issues outstanding and chronology of the marriage.
Is the divorce proving to be hostile? Are they many areas to dispute?

Mikestr Wed 08-Nov-17 09:52:05

Hi, thank you.

We have completed and about to exchange the Form E, so questionaires have not arisen yet..

The offer my side put forward, was just ignored and no other offer put forward? so now it has come to this unfortunately. The whole thing is down to the financial split really.

I am thinking smart jeans (not denim) smart shirt and jacket with shoes at the hearing.

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