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Divorce petition help...

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NotSureIfiAmWell Sun 05-Nov-17 07:16:56

Have you put in a claim for tax credits and council tax reduction?

periwinkleshell Tue 31-Oct-17 22:03:29

Thanks. its with the CMS - he will have to pay maintenance eventually, he's just delaying it repeatedly.

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MrsBertBibby Tue 31-Oct-17 20:52:42

You mean the statement in support of hour decree nisi application, nog the actual petition, surely?

Yes, just say his behaviour has caused you stress, anxiety, and whatever else. He won't see that form, and no one (except a psychopathic nutter) will hold that against you.

Why is he not paying child maintenance?

periwinkleshell Tue 31-Oct-17 20:00:00

I'm just completing my divorce petition - my husband is not contesting it and mostly its fine but... what do I answer for 4 - if the respondents behaviour had affected your health?
I'm stressed to the hilt, trying to sell a house that he won't sell which he is living in, living away with my parents, working 16 hrs in the evenings at home to try and make ends meet in a minimum pay job. I was a working professional. I can't cover both our (very young - 6 months and just turned 3) childrens childcare and cover my old jobs work hours. I literally just manage to pay for food and clothing. He won't give me a penny.
Add to this the constant threats - bills saying I owe him money for the house, bills saying I owe him money from visiting the children, bills from money I supposedly owe him from when we were married, threats about taking me to court to see the children more...
He controlled our finances entirely when we were together and is trying to control everything even now. But he's using everything against me that he can. He continuously says he's building a case against me for all sort of different things.
So obviously, he has affected my health. But can I say that? Or will it be used against me? He is trying to say I've made him depressed because I'm so unreasonable and continues to say he will use this in court too. He's had depression for years, since before I met him. I'm at a loss at what I can and can't put and i'm very apprehensive - I can't afford to put something that he will use or not put something that I might need later.....!

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