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Divorce - Information is King!..

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pearlsow Thu 26-Oct-17 13:34:33

"Deaf Ears" or "Lying B%$SWRd"....which is worse? A lethal combination but its happening every day in Divorce....

(1) A major overhaul on the assessment of Child Maintenance is long overdue as ex-husbands embrace 'Self Employed'.
(2) The divorce lawyers/barristers those 'fire breathing dragons' who nuture their own for a 'Appraisal System so we can share Reviews'....

In a divorce situation ex-husbands are now deliberately shifting from "Employee" to 'Self Employed". They fly off the Tax radar of PAYE to the depths of grey sludge and take a pay cut 'lets say 85% in traceable earnings'.

Limited Companies are set-up to record 'Gross Earnings', the individual probably not a director but will be a 'Significant Shareholder', then pay's themselves as 'self employed' and completes a 'Self Assessment Tax Return', on the massively reduced earnings.

Child Maintenance is based on 'Gross Earnings', which is now '15% of original earnings'. Result, the child loses out massively, so does the wife and the ex-husband then has affordability to 'Pay the Piper', the the expensive lawyer to probably take you to court for 'school fees'.

Lifting the veil of incorporation is essential to get a true and fair assessment for Child Maintenance, its a sham set-up but they get away with it! Also in a 'boys club of a legal system', how can you get a fair hearing!......thoughts please!!

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