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What did you do after your divorce was granted?

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Mamioftwo Fri 20-Oct-17 02:28:57

smile^^ A friend of mine got a tattoo of a rose after her divorce. And when I asked her about it she said it symbolised freedom.

The idea of it is very empowering! I love tattoos, and I am more than ready to be divorced (currently going through one). It's not easy of course, but it's well needed.
Just wondering if anyone did something similar, after their divorce..? Tattoos, or other ways to celebrate a new beginning/chapter in your life? ^

Thank you x

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Secretsout Fri 20-Oct-17 11:48:13

I will be buying a new watch, handbag or piece of jewellery. (I'll will sell my old watches and rings he bought me over the years) 💪

Garlicansapphire Fri 20-Oct-17 11:50:12

I felt depressed for a couple of months and probably drank too much wine.

plasticcheese Fri 20-Oct-17 13:00:06

I did get a tattoo but it's outing so won't say what!

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