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It's the beginning of the end ..

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Elizakennedy Thu 12-Oct-17 23:07:37

And i am so not looking forward to the next few months.

After finding out about p affair when I was pregnant I stupidly allowed him to stay but since then I've found out about other women too- just messages here and there but I've had enough. It took me a long time to build the courage up and tell him I no longer wanted to be with him and ask him to move out (months ago) but he has refused anyway, multiple times so I see no other option now other than to avoid him or let him know what I actually think of him until he gets it that were over. I dont have anywhere that DD and I can go and I don't want to leave our (rented) house, I have put everything into making it a home for our DD.

I met someone really lovely a few weeks ago but have had to cut contact because I can't pursue it, obviously but I am gutted- we really got along and he knew my situation and understood at first but I think he realised and didnt want to get involved in this mess. I very much doubt he will be available by the time Im in a good place again, not that I even want another relationship, I just enjoyed his company really.

Please tell me this sinking out of control feeling will go?

Myheartbelongsto Sat 14-Oct-17 00:39:37

This fucker has to go. Why won't he go?

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