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Divorce rollercoaster

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Absvr Sun 24-Sep-17 18:34:16

Currently going through a very quick divorce after 2 decades of marriage. I just think I've got a straight patch of track and then I plummet again. I suddenly feel desperate and so very low. It usually only lasts no more than half an hour but I never see it coming! Other people feel like this?

MopedManiac Tue 26-Sep-17 01:44:50

Hi Abvsr, I am just about to board the divorce rollercoaster myself. I am divorcing him for unreasonable behavior so also get to ride on the surviving abuse roller coaster. I totally get what you mean about the straights and then sudden short plummets! I am trying to kind of go with the ebb n flow, recognise the feelings as they come and then let them go. Sometimes I manage this better than others. Taking care of ourselves, eating & sleeping well (she says while typing at 1:40am!) do help too. But it still sometimes completely blind sides me!

Our marriage is also 2 decades. Are you divorcing him, if u dont mind me asking? In what way is it quick? I worry that mine is going to drag on forever (complex financial scenarios to untangle) and it hasn't even started yet!

I should take my own advice & get some sleep now...

Hang in there x

RollerCoasterProteinSpill Tue 26-Sep-17 04:04:16

You have my sympathy. flowers
Every time I get an email alert I want to be sick.
Feel it so strongly that I picked this user name!

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