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Fight or flight....I'm in flight

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Bah123 Fri 15-Sep-17 10:07:39

I just want to run away, with my children and the pets. Just us, without having to deal with anyone else or anything else at all.
This isn't me. I'm a fighter. I get on with it because I have to. For my children.
I get absolutely no support. Ex flits in and out when he feels like it.
My son had a nasty accident this week and ended up in hospital and I had to deal with everything alone.
I've just changed jobs and I'm working much longer hours. I can't do it all. I'm drowning in everything.
My children are fantastic. I feel like I'm failing them by being an emotional wreck!

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Daisybarker123 Wed 20-Sep-17 08:44:56

Its ok to panic, its the unknown so all sorts of fears cause anxiety, it does decrease gradually. But now you can start to assess your families financial needs income, home, savings, bank accounts. Are these secure and in your name, if not is there anything you can do to protect them and step by step you start to take control of your life. Spend time sorting finances and then have a break to enjoy children and pets, as they are the most important things. All the best

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