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Advice please

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Boatmistress17 Mon 04-Sep-17 11:02:04

Mediation can set up a contract of contact. Fairly cheap and legally binding. .

EmmaH83 Sat 02-Sep-17 13:43:35


I'm wondering if anyone has any good advice my OH has a DD. She is adorable but ever since the divorce has been going through his ex has continually messed around with our access. My OH doesn't Drive and so in order for him to get his DD it takes a 2 hr journey or i can drive him and it takes around 40 minutes. He has asked that we meet in the middle and if she is in a good mood she will agree. If not she will text as we are on our way to the pre arranged point and demand we drive somewhere else. She changes times dates locations and will sometimes cancel without a moments notice. She also expects that I drive wherever she wants me to as she knows that he cannot.

Yesterday she refused again to drive halfway and is now ignoring all texts and calls when we said we couldn't. On a Friday we have to gets my DD's to dance and she knows this so we literally couldn't fit in the journey she wanted us to make.

We love having his DD and we try and have her whenever possible but we cannot keep engaging in this ridiculous power struggle.

Has anyone got any advice? We have no money so cannot afford a lengthy court process.

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