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Shouldn't he be giving her more?

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millymollymoomoo Sun 27-Aug-17 14:23:04

She needs to crack on with the divorce and financial settlement associated in a final consent order. Sounds like that wasn't finalised?

Has she already taken much greater % of assets inc equity and any pensions?

In terms of csa assuming 70k a year, 2 children who he has eow he'd need to pay around 680 a month in child maintenance. Whether she would be entitled to spousal support would depend on the outcome of divorce settlement

Was the financials already sorted in a consent order?

bottomsup2 Sun 27-Aug-17 10:51:41

This is about my friend whom I am concerned about.

Separated last year and She moved out areas to get a house she could afford without a mortgage from her share of the equity in the family house once it was was sold. She has bought a semi in A cheaper area 300 miles from all her friends for area for 300k. She has to pay 40k to do a loft extension, to make it work so the boy and girl have their own rooms, and she is paying for that.

She went to mediation with her ex but didn't divorce formally.

Ex has now announced he will be also moving to her new area. He is single and has the kids every other weekend and once during the week abd in school hols and it is amicable.

But ....he now wants a house with four bedrooms - and a cinema room - for he has just announced he is reducing the agreed maintence to my friend by £1000 a month!

My friend now works full time and doesn't eat out and is worried about making ends meet. Her ex works full time but every time he has the kids its restaurants and takeaways and new nintendos (but not school uniforms or shoes, sigh) so I suspect he has more cash than he's admitting to.

Is she entitled to any more than what she is getting from him? She has mentioned it to him but he just says he is giving her what the CSA require ......but he's in a salary of about 70k and she's on about 28k. She doesn't want to go to court 🙁

Advice please?

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