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HELP! Going to court with ex, psychotic, vile, money grabbing nutter !!

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user1467480231 Wed 23-Aug-17 21:28:02

EX agreed to sign our consent order after he left me but has now changed his mind as a "mysterious baby" suddenly appeared into the equation !!! Uggghhhhh!! After 25 years of marriage, he seemingly got his very young lover pregnant in a matter of weeks!! Needless to say, she is now wanting money and he has now dumped her, her baby, me and our two kids!! What was I thinking marrying him?!?!?!?! LOL !

To cut a long story short, any tips on what happens on the first court visit? There are no assets so I'm purely going on periodical payments from his salary (which he initially agreed to). I want to fight tooth and nail !!!!!!!!

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Farahilda Thu 24-Aug-17 07:32:51

What jurisdiction are you in?

jeaux90 Fri 25-Aug-17 12:03:27

If it's UK then she is only entitled to child maintenance from him (to be honest this is shit but it protects you if you are still married to the charmer)

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